Montseny Ecolupulus (Packung mit 33 Flaschen à 33 cl)

Montseny Ecolupulus (Packung mit 33 Flaschen à 33 cl)

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Companyia Cervesera del Montseny
Gewicht (gr)
Montseny Ecolupulus
Íber Ale
(Alc. 5’4% vol., Grau Plat 12’8, 29 IBU’s)
Beer style: IBER ALE – top-fermented lager style of our country. With this top-fermented beer we rediscover the traditional beers of our Iberian ancestors (Archaeological sites: The village of Geno (Lleida) dates to 1,000 BC Bronze Age; Can Sadurni Begues (Barcelona) dates to 3000 BC Neolithic Age). The recipe includes malts and hops used in current high-consumption domestic beers of the Pilsen style (bottom-fermented) or Lager family.
Tasting notes: All the intensity of hops in combination with Pilsen malt, to quench the thirst. Serving temperature between 6 and 12 º C. At low temperature we have the flavour and bitterness of hops clearly defined to freshen our palates as in a Lager style beer. However, the optimal tasting is obtained above 9 º C, at which point the textures and flavours produced by the Ale yeast and body or sweetness of the malt emerge, balancing their taste with the bitterness of the hops.
Montseny water.
Malt: Organic Pilsen.
Hops: sovereign, first gold and ecologic pacific gem.


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