Montseny Lupulus (Box 16 Flaschen à 33 cl)

Montseny Lupulus (Box 16 Flaschen à 33 cl)

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Companyia Cervesera del Montseny
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Montseny Lupulus

Íber Ale

(Alc. 5’4% vol., Grau Plat 12’8, 29 IBU’s) 

Beer style: IBER ALE – top-fermented lager style of our country. With this top-fermented beer we rediscover the traditional beers of our Iberian ancestors (Archaeological sites: The village of Geno (Lleida) dates to 1,000 BC Bronze Age; Can Sadurni Begues (Barcelona) dates to 3000 BC Neolithic Age). The recipe includes malts and hops used in current high-consumption domestic beers of the Pilsen style (bottom-fermented) or Lager family.

Tasting notes: All the intensity of hops in combination with Pilsen malt, to quench the thirst. Serving temperature between 6 and 12 º C. At low temperature we have the flavour and bitterness of hops clearly defined to freshen our palates as in a Lager style beer. However, the optimal tasting is obtained above 9 º C, at which point the textures and flavours produced by the Ale yeast and body or sweetness of the malt emerge, balancing their taste with the bitterness of the hops.


  • Montseny water
  • Malt: Pilsen, Wheat and Caramel.
  • Hops: Cascade, Fuggles, Nugget, Target and Styrian Golding.
  • Yeast.j. Este genial producto es exactamente lo que buscabas.


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